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Image by John Lyttle

Handcrafted & Hand Carved
A & F-Style

I make custom Mandolins inspired by historic  Loar  A & F-Style Mandolins. My archtop mandolins are made with the finest tone woods available. Each instrument is handcrafted from start to finish with the care reserved as if I were making my own instrument.

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Let's talk about your Mandolin budget, timeline, the instrument, and finish.

Crafting and Carving

Soundboards, Backboards, necks and sides are hand-carved from carefully selected tone woods of the highest quality available.

The End Look

Every effort will be made to achieve a final finish meeting the user's desire and aesthetic taste!

Meet Paul Fickes

Bluegrass Mandolin Enthusiest

Paul is a passionate mandolin player and a fan of bluegrass music. Paul's woodworking craftsmanship, honed from many years of making fine custom furniture by hand, often with use of no electricity at all, has carried over to his new passion of making custom Mandolins.  Striving to make each instrument to the specifications of the historic Gibson Loar F-Style models of the early 20th Century, Paul continues to work toward unlocking that magic employed by the Luthiers of old.

Paul began his journey to replicate the coveted Loar F-Style as a way to gain ownership of an instrument that has become unaffordable to most players.  So much fun has this process become, Paul decided to continue the journey to create instruments that even Monroe would have proud to play and is offering his results skills to the public.

Image by Luke Peterson

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